The BodySense website continues to be a valuable and sought-after source of information on navigating body image in sport.  

Building on this existing value, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is on track to launch a fresh website and share updated BodySense information in 2024. The new offerings will be centred around distinct eLearning courses for athletes and key influencers and will be bolstered by new interactive tools and resources.


...are sometimes brainwashed by the media into thinking that each sport has a “special” body type. Making the problem worse are pressures that come from those you trust: your peers, parents, coaches and teachers.  The reality is that there are some bodies that are better suited to play certain sports, but that should not stop you from trying any sport! 

So how do you handle the pressure to change your body size? Both girls and guys can find information and tools that can help you learn the facts, build your confidence, and help you deal with the pressures to “change” your body.

Check out the athlete section of BodySense!

Key Influencers...

...are faced with the daunting task of preparing youth to face everyday challenges. As a coach, parent, teacher, or other adult that has influence to shape youth, your actions can have a dramatic effect. One example is with body image. With so much said in the media about who's hot and who's not, what are you to do? 

BodySense is a good place to start! Here you will find information on body image, eating disorders, nutrition and steroids -- and their effect on self-esteem. Each key influencer can play a role by setting a good example and providing tools to help build a solid foundation of positive body image and self-esteem.  

Check out the key influencer section of BodySense!