How to Find a Health Provider?

What do I look for in a professional health provider?

If you suspect that an athlete may be experiencing disordered eating, it is important to contact someone who specializes in the area of disordered eating and sport. The National Eating Disorder Information Centre ( has a national resource directory of counsellors, therapists and programs for disordered eating in your region. It will be important to start your process with a full physical examination by a family physician. When you do find a health professional qualified to work with athletes, ensure that the following questions are answered with a "yes".

Does this health professional:

  • have the qualifications and credentials in the area of health, disordered eating, nutrition, and sport?
  • have the knowledge of sport, disordered eating, the Female Athlete Triad, and self-esteem issues?
  • work with a team of professionals or can make referrals to other professionals in the field?
  • provide educational materials?
  • believe in natural body size?

A child who is diagnosed eating with a disorder should receive services from a doctor, a dietician and a professional mental health professional.