On the Workshops

This reference is to a test to the fact that Bryan Merrett presented and produced an excellent presentation for our grade 7 and 8 students with regards to having and maintaining a healthy body.  The presentation had ample new knowledge for our students and through classroom feedback they enjoyed thoroughly.  I highly recommend this presentation for all intermediate students and junior students.
– Carmelina C. Falcucci, Katimavik Elementary School, Ottawa, Ontario

The BodySense presentation and materials engage participants to examine their own beliefs around body image it, discusses and demystifies nutrition myths, reinforces a positive approach to food, as well as teaches the importance of respecting natural body sizes "there is a sport for everybody and a body for every sport".  I feel that the BodySense program is an excellent tool for schools as it encourages healthy lifestyle, nutrition and activity at every size, hence, reinforcing these important messages in competitive athletic youth, as well as overweight youth who may be too self-conscious to engage in sport. The program was also designed to have an impact on coaches, parents and administrators with the rationale being that change is unlikely to occur or to be maintained in climates that may hinder positive change.
– Annick Buchholz, Clinical Psychologist

Just a quick note to let you all know that The Forest City Diving Club co-hosted a BodySense workshop last week. Heather Harrison from BodySense presented the workshop, which was a huge hit with our coaches, parents and divers.  She was hilarious.  Parents, coaches and divers alike enjoyed themselves and, most importantly, I think we all learned something about positive self-image. In short, it was great and I recommend it highly for all clubs.
– Bernie Olanski, The Forest City Diving Club

Thanks once again for your fabulous presentations on Friday night....I know that both the kids and parents/coaches are going to take away a lot of useful information from the sessions, and you can be sure that Bodysense is going to make a lasting impression.
– Susan Detmers, VP, Halton Hill Gymnastics Club

The presentations were fabulous and I think very well received by athletes, parents and coaches alike.
– Barb Brophey, University of Toronto Gymnastics Club

I attended a Body Sense Workshop a few years ago as a swimmer at Toronto Synchro Club.  I found the presentation very professional and extremely well done, especially now as I study some of the topics covered in the seminar.
– Hilary Caldwell, Student

Just wanted to thank you for the great sessions on Saturday. It is just too bad that we went over time and I didn’t have the opportunity to formally thank you. So – THANKS!!! Many parents have commented that they felt it was a very valuable session and I spoke with the swimmers on Monday morning and they enjoyed it and felt it was a very positive message. Keep up the great work.
–Sheilagh Croxon, Granite Club Synchro Swim

I had a lot of questions concerning an athletes’ body. All my questions were answered with the slide show.
– Anonymous Presentation Feedback,  Coach

I liked BodySense because that’s an area that I could use some help in.
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Athlete

Good Information! I liked the enthusiasm in the presentations, also the messages that were presented to us.
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Athlete

The instructor was funny and made it entertaining.
– Anonymous, Athlete

The advice was fun and entertaining.
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Athlete

I was very interested in the BodySense presentation from many perspectives; as a mother, provincial coach and as a sport administrator. The presenter’s enthusiasum and passion about the information was catchy!
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Parent-Coach-Sport Administrator

I thought the BodySense presentation was so worthwhile for me as a parent, and for my girls. I know as my girls get older, positive body image and self esteem are something we will strive for, with resources like this, it will be much easier.
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Parent

The presenter for BodySense was terrific and a pleasure to work with. Coaches and parents sat in on her sessions for the athletes and came out wanting to get her into their club for a presentation. The presenter was very comfortable with all ages and excellent at adapting her presentation to the age of the athletes in the groups.
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Sport Administrator