Risks of Steroids

Athletes who are trying to remain a certain weight or gain weight and muscle are at risk for using steroids. Males who are most at risk are those who are in weight-related sports such as bodybuilding, gymnastics, football, wrestling and running, which require a great deal of physical strength.

Anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for the growth of long bones and muscle, and for masculine features such as facial hair and a deep voice.

Steroids are banned in sport. If you are subject to doping control, you will be strictly liable for any steroids found in your sample, and risk a two-year ban from sport for a first violation.

It is a popular misconception that taking steroids will guarantee a large physique. You do not need to resort to the use of steroids in order to get the rewards of working out. Many people obtain those rewards without ever using steroids. They keep themselves aware of new workout techniques and supplement a nutritious diet with regular exercise. Steroids simply are not a part of their diet. It is possible to achieve results, feel better and increase your confidence without steroids. It may take a little longer, but people who get fit without steroids feel proud of themselves and of their achievements. The muscles they build are theirs for keeps.

Many people may claim to be experts on steroids – from the dealer who suggests steroid programs or illegally sells you steroids, to the guy at the gym who does not know your medical history. Bodybuilding guides and handbooks contain a lot of important information, but the authors have not necessarily done their research and are often pushing a single point of view. The information you are getting could be untrue, wrong for you and just plain dangerous.

Along with the many health risks, the negative culture associated with steroid use, the danger for your sport participation. By endangering your body for the sake of your body image, you are allowing your parents, peers, coaches and teachers to see you in a very negative light.

Remember: Your body is your temple – Treat it with respect!

Anabolic steroids are strong prescription drugs that have some dangerous side-effects. Some people get bad acne. Some get headaches and nosebleeds. Others have painful breast enlargement. Steroids can also stop bones from growing: If you’re a teenager, you may never grow to your full height – and there’s no second chance. Steroids affect your sex drive. For men, steroids can shrink your testicles and cause impotence (can’t get it up). Steroids affect your personality. Commonly known as "roid rage" – you can feel happy one minute and depressed the next. You may become edgy, paranoid, even violent – an easy way to lose your family and your friends along with their respect.

Steroids threaten your life. Steroids can contribute to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels – the leading causes of heart disease and the number one killer in North America. Steroids have also been linked to kidney disease and liver tumors.

Taking other drugs to cover up some of the effects of steroid use essentially turns your body into a chemical stew. Do not forget, these drugs have side-effects of their own. For example, taking medication for high blood pressure can make you feel sluggish and lower your sex drive. Some acne medication can cause bad stomach and joint pain. These drugs do not cure the problems that come with steroid use. In fact, they can cause more.