On the Materials

After you told the girls about the "balance" and "understanding body size/shape" components, I went on the website and the athletes did, too. It is great! I wish I'd had this when I was swimming.
–Synchro swim team executive from an Ottawa Club

I wish we had received this kind of info, signs to look for, balance in her life, her obsessions with running and nothing else.
– From a distance runner's Mom

From students at U of O, when I included a slide from BodySense on a lecture for the Nutrition and Health undergrad course (3rd year Human Kinetics) - a group of mainly females (one male) gathered around after class asking for more info on the website and where they could get more information. One was a coach. I'm sure a couple wanted it for themselves (as young female athletes) Another as a resource for a paper etc.
– Shaunna Taylor, Sport Psychologist, Ottawa, Ontario

I'm really excited to see this info available on the web. I used to be a competitive gymnast and eventually had to quit because my Eating Disorder became too severe. I wish something like this had been available when I was younger. I hope that the program you offer is in high demand.
– Web User, Champlain, Ontario (aged 19-30)

I'm a therapist and was just checking the site so that I could recommend it to coaches, and to clients struggling with eating disorders who are involved in athletics. I must say that it is very good and that I'll also refer some of my younger ED clients to it who aren't especially athletes but who do some exercising along with other symptoms.
– Web User, Northwestern Ontario, (aged 30+)

A healthy body image and self esteem is something I have always wanted to instill in my kids and now we have a great resource to turn to. You have assisted me in changing my thought patterns concerning food and body image. There is so much information and everybody has an opinion about nutrition. BodySense is a great program and is very much needed.
– Anonymous Workshop Feedback, Parent