Introducing BodySense! 

  • A simple and engaging 10-point best practice tool: the BodySense Basics.
  • For athletes, both male and female.
  • Proactively prevents disordered eating and muscle dysmorphia by reinforcing the importance of positive body image.
  • An exciting and innovative approach to building safe, healthy and positive environments, both in and out of the context of sport.
  • Designed by doctors, body image experts and dietitians from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Pinecrest-Queensway Health Services.
  • Customizable with several dynamic service options. 

For more information, please contact or call 613-521-3340.

Just wanted to thank you for the great sessions…. THANKS!!! Many parents have commented that they felt it was a very valuable session and I spoke with the swimmers…and they enjoyed it and felt it was a very positive message.
–Coach Granite Club Synchro Swim

The Workshop for Athletes and Key Influencers presents an overview of the practices that contribute to life-long positive body image, self-esteem and good mental health. Based on the 10 BodySense Basics, the interactive workshop aims to shape attitudes toward body image in athletes, and share new ideas for fostering healthy and positive environments, both in and out of the context of sport. Learn more about workshops!

I know that both the kids and parents/coaches are going to take away a lot of useful information from the sessions, and you can be sure that BodySense is going to make a lasting impression.
–Volunteer Halton Hill Gymnastics Club

The BodySense Resource Kit is a valuable tool for those working to develop self-esteem in youth within schools, sport organizations or even community centres. The kit includes two DVDs featuring a workshop video, copies of the presentations, a BodySense Basics poster, and a variety of giveaways.

I'm a therapist and was just checking the site so that I could recommend it to coaches, and to clients struggling with eating disorders who are involved in athletics. I must say that it is very good and that I'll also refer some of my younger eating disorder clients to it who aren't especially athletes but who do some exercising…
–Health Professional, Ontario

NEW! BodySense Certified Facilitator Training is ideal for public health agencies, municipalities, schools and sport organizations. We provide your staff with extensive training on the 10 BodySense Basics, and then license your organization to conduct BodySense workshops, with no limit to the number of workshops or participants. Contact Bryan for more information!

A healthy body image and self esteem is something I have always wanted to instill in my kids and now we have a great resource to turn to… BodySense is a great program and is very much needed.
–Workshop Feedback, Parent