It's Your Body

When BodySense asked athletes, parents, and coaches to describe athletes with positive body image, these are some of the attributes they came up with:

  • He wears clothes that are comfortable.
  • He is not trying to change his body.
  • He speaks positively about himself and his body.
  • He does not put others down.
  • He compares himself to himself and not to others.
  • He does not change himself for others’ approval.
  • He smiles a lot and makes eye contact.
  • He does things that he loves outside of his sport.
  • He loves all food and eats without feeling guilty.
  • He eats as much as he wants, does not restrict.
  • He does not use supplements, pills or powders to build his body.
  • He says how he is feeling.
  • He speaks out about things that bother him.
  • He expresses his emotions.
  • He listens well.
  • He does not take things personally.